This Has to the Best Comfort Food Recipe Ever


Southern style comfort food is a favorite cuisine of many people in the US. Macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, and sweet tea are all southern staples, but one of the most famous comfort food dishes from the south is smothered pork chops and gravy. Making it usually requires a time intensive process with many steps, and it’s a challenge that most novice cooks won’t take on. Yet in this video, fabulous home cook Rosie shows viewers how to make this dish with no hassle.

She first shows how to season and prepare the pork chops by dredging them in flour. After getting them coated and ready to fry, the pork chops are briefly browned in a cast iron skillet — something that true southern cooks are known to do. After Rosie sautees onions to make an awesome gravy, the entire meal starts to come together. She makes everything simple and easy to do, and even someone who’s not great in the kitchen can recreate Rosie’s recipe. If you’re ready to make your own classic comfort food, click here to watch this video.

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