A Brief Monologue From The Natural World


Many celebrities are getting together to pledge their support for the environment. Plenty of them are trying to use their talents as actors in order to raise environmental awareness in an effort to create a culture that is geared toward environmentalism. Here, Julia Roberts joins that group of celebrities in order to create a dramatic video that is all about helping people understand the issue on an emotional level.

Julia Roberts impersonates nature here, delivering to the human audience a monologue that is all about how humans depend on nature, but nature could drive humans to extinction just as easily as every other species that has ever been driven to extinction. Throughout the video, there’s crisp, clear footage of various habitats interspersed with clips that illustrate the effects of global climate change. Using her deep, sultry voice and acting talent, Julia Roberts manages to give her implied Mother Nature character a lot of personality in the moment, which should only make the video more powerful. People looking for environmental videos to post of Facebook should consider this one.

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