Charlie and Jackie Perform Perfect Dance at the Grand Nationals Masters Division 2013


Hailing from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Charlie and Jackie are a dancing pair that cannot be beat. They love to perform before an audience of fans and in this video, they are doing just what they love to do! Charlie and Jackie are known all over the south for their amazing dance numbers. In this Grand Nationals performance, they are perfectly dancing the shag and enjoying every moment of the fun.

As they dance to Kelley Hunt’s “Queen of the 88’s”, it is clear these two have been dancing together for a very long time! They have perfected their dance performance to be in perfect sync so neither one causes the other to miss a move or a beat. It is almost as if they are one person performing as two! When you see these two move across the dance floor, you will want to get up and dance along. Enjoy the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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