Dog Groomer Dances To “Love Shack” While Washing Dog


Dog Groomers go through a lot of work during the day so they need to have the ability to unwind and cut loose from time to time. Lu is a hard-working dog groomer that absolutely loves his job and it shows. As “Love Shack” is playing in the background, Lu is having a blast with the little pooch he is giving a bath. As he dances with the dog and even sings, it will make you smile the entire time.

This guy must be a blast to work with! Can you imagine watching him dance and sing all day with the dogs he is working with? The dog in this video looks like it is having a blast as well. Dancing and singing would likely help calm a dog down as they are getting their grooming services. Lu is the groomer everyone wants to take their dog to! Check out the fun and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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