An Elderly Woman’s Simple Acts of Kindness to Schoolchildren Are Rewarded for Her


This video manages to beautifully demonstrate how even the simplest acts of kindness are appreciated and reciprocated. The elderly woman in this video always made a habit of waving to the schoolchildren on a school bus that passed through her area. They always appreciated it, and they thought of her as an honorary grandmother.

They also managed to take note of it when she didn’t wave to them for a pattern of days. The kids found out that it was due to a stroke. While she survived, the stroke left her disabled. However, the kids showed their affection by giving her a sign displaying a picture of the school bus and all of them, so she can see them and wave to them even when she is in the hospital. This is one of the best presents that they could have given her. People should please SHARE this sad but touching video on Facebook.


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