A Fantastically Talented Eight-Year-Old Singer’s Spellbinding Performance


There are plenty of very talented young singers out there, and they manage to impress on the basis of their simultaneous youth and talent alone. However, it is always interesting to encounter young singers who could actually pass for older singers if they wanted to, at least from an auditory perspective.

The young singer in this video is Angelina Jordan, who is only eight years old. However, she has a notably deep voice for such a young child. The assumption that all children have high-pitched voices is certainly not necessarily true, and it is an assumption that she manages to easily debunk. If someone turned off the visual part of this video and only heard the audio part, that person might think that the singer was much older. People on Facebook who have never heard of Angelina Jordan may become great fans of hers after seeing this video, and her existing fans may appreciate it even more.

TV 2

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