Female Disabled Veteran Receives Nasty Note On Her Truck!


The former soldier in this video became disabled because she went into anaphylactic shock while in battle. This caused her to begin to have severe seizures which has required her to have multiple brain operations. Unfortunately, this veteran is now disabled and has to use handicapped parking spots, along with a service dog. When she recently visited a store, she came out to find a truly nasty letter on her truck!

The note said she sure did not look or act disabled. The woman hopes this video will shed light on people judging those who are disabled simply because they do not “look” the part. The video cautions against rash judgments because there are hidden disabilities that cannot be seen by others. The woman who was given the note would have much rathered the person simply ask what was wrong with her. To shed light on this subject, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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