Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward to the Rescue


This video shows the best of mankind that is willing to fix what the worst of mankind did. Two dogs named Salt and Pepper were abandoned. These poor dogs were alone and hungry. They were left at a dump and there were train tracks nearby that post a constant danger.

Kelly, Yvette, and Cynthia are members of the Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward and everyday they venture out to feed the hungry animals. They see that Salt and Pepper are in trouble. They are able to get Salt without a problem and take the dog away for some much needed medical attention. Before they can get close to Pepper they need to earn the dog’s trust. They bring the dog food and water and watch as the hungry creature eats.

Slowly the dog is gets used to these new humans. At least this dog will have a meal and some fresh water. These ladies and the organization that they are with do their best to take care of dogs that were abandoned and in need of assistance. Please SHARE in Facebook

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