Girl Gets A Dream Come True When Her Parents Finally Get Her A Dog


The little girl in this video truly loves dogs and has been begging for one since she was old enough to talk. Her mom says she would ask for a dog at least three times a day and would go to bed each night, hoping her dream would come true and she would finally be able to have a dog. This video shows her utter shock as she learns her parents have rescued a dog from the shelter. When you see her reaction, you will not be able to hold back your emotion!

This little girl has truly just met her best friend! She was so excited and in so much shock, she could not believe her eyes when her new dog came running in to greet her. As she sobs, she cannot believe her dreams have finally come true and she now is the proud owner of a dog. If this video makes you smile, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Delaware SPCA, Georgetown

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