Great Dane ‘George’ Helps 12 Year-Old Bella Walk Without Crutches, Even With an Incurable Disease


Young Bella is in the 5th grade and weights just 43 pounds… but her dog? He’s 131 pounds of pure lap dog! This video features a young girl who is destined to be smaller for the rest of her life, yet her dog George – a Great Dane – is making Bella feel larger than life.

Bella met George at a service dog project where the connection was immediate. She has a rare genetic disease that attacks the bones, and there is no cure. But, after meeting George, she went from needing crutches to allowing George to help her move around without them. She take him to school, and he’s with her just about everywhere she goes. Yet, it’s funny though, because although she says she leans on George when she needs to as if he were a crutch, it really seems as if he’s almost help heal her.

Bella has the sweetest voice and the most beautiful smile. This is a really touching video of a girl and her beloved dog – and there is definitely something to be said about the benefits that service dogs can bring to their owners. Although there may be no cure for her condition, this is a real testament to the power of love, and the self-confidence and companionship that a wonderful dog can bring to a child.

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