A Spectacular Dance Performance In Which the Dancers Appear to Be Performing Magic


Dance performers often have a spiritual feel to them in their own right. The dancers are moving gracefully and soundlessly, as if they are being pulled by something invisible and highly emotionally. However, the skilled dancers in this video almost look as if they’re performing benign magical spells. As they dance, white lighting patterns emerge, and these patterns seem to track their movements.

Some of these lighting patterns resemble geometric shapes. Some of them look like collections of fireflies. Others look like ribbons of pure light. The lighting displays are projected against a blue background, which complements the performance and the lighting displays themselves very effectively. The lighting displays also get more and more dramatic over the course of the performance, which only makes the performance more engaging to watch. This is a video that people would watch over and over again on Facebook and other social media websites for the sheer uniqueness of it all.

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