They Humiliated A Disabled Veteran Because He Never Left Behind His Service Dog. So Sad!


When soldiers are fighting a war, it is common for them as well as other people to think that when the war is over, all will be well. What most people do not realize is that the war follows the soldiers as well as the civilians who lived through the war into their life after the war.

They experience PTSD as they keep getting flashes of the war as it happened. Always feeling like they are in the cycle of death and suffering again. However, if you have never seen a close friend, or a family member undergo through such moments, then it will be hard for you to understand them.

In the video below, a war veteran is humiliated after local business owners question his need to walk around with his service dog. They believe that he is alright and does not need to have the dog walk around with him. They feel that he is just showing off the skills that the dog has. He said that after he got questioned he just felt embarrassed. He thereforedecided to speak out to prevent such an occurrencehappening to someone else.

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