An Interview With a Very Young Dancer Who Made an Impact on the Ellen DeGeneres Show


Ellen DeGeneres is famous for having a lot of talented kids on her show, and the little dancer Balang is one of the most beloved of all of them. In this video, people will see some footage of the dance moves that he has done in the past on Ellen’s show. They are also going to get a more specific interview with him, with the aid of a translator.

Some people will appreciate the positive depiction of a child performer who does not meet the Hollywood physical standards of appearance for child performers, and who is still very physically active. Balang is the sort of young performer who could overturn stereotypes in that regard. It is also good to see international child performers. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since many people are going to find this interview both charming to watch and strangely identifiable for them to see.

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