Kids Delivering a Skillful and Adorable Public Dance Performance


There’s always something special about being able to see YouTube videos showing kids demonstrating their skills. A lot of people don’t get to see this sort of thing in their normal lives. Parents can preserve some of the most special moments of their child’s lives in this way, and they can manage to share them with the world. Here, a couple of kids start dancing at an event as the adults around them watch and cheer.

Both the girl and the boy who are dancing are well dressed, and they are more or less dancing with each other by the end of the video. They’re in the middle of a big, open circle, and they have an entire audience of adults cheering them on during their dance. This is the sort of moment that would become a cherished memory for anyone present, and it can now be a cherished memory for everyone on YouTube. People on Facebook would love to watch a video like this over and over again.

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