A Little Girl’s Cute Interaction With an Adorable Fuzzy Dog Who Loves Handshakes


Teaching dogs to shake hands is a very popular trick. The little girl in this video almost seems to be doing so, unless her dog just really loves to give and to receive handshakes. The dog is very docile throughout the video, accepting handshakes, or paw shakes in this case.

The little girl is about as excited as can be, since she is at a stage in her life in which everything is new and fantastic.

The two of them manage to create a lot of great moments with each other very quickly. The dog quickly licks the little girl, expressing a lot of affection very quickly. The little girl compliments him over and over again in her excitable and childlike way. It’s a fantastic moment to capture on film and to share with the world. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is very touching and cute.

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