Middle School Teacher Caught on Camera Saving Former Student’s Life


This video news story is a miraculous one and will have you smiling at the outcome. A sixth-grader was walking down the hall and put a hard candy in his mouth. Soon, he was choking on it and was unable to breathe. Thankfully, he had just walked past his former teacher’s room and she heard a strange noise that prompted her to check the hall. When she found the boy choking, she immediately began performing the Heimlich Maneuver which dislodged the candy and saved the boy’s life.

Thankfully, this young boy is alive today thanks to his teacher. Seeing the harrowing rescue caught on tape further shows how close it was! This video should serve as a warning to all parents about hard candies. They can easily become lodged in the throat and could cause death. This teacher is truly a hero! After you watch this video, Please SHARE on Facebook to warn other parents.


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