A Passionate Defense of the Southern Dialect and the Southern Way of Life


Many people who live in the American South will have to face a certain degree of criticism from other people in the United States from time to time. Their accents tend to get criticized. People with Southern accents are stereotyped as sounding less intelligent. People in the South also tend to be stereotyped as very conservative, and their conservatism is seen as negative as opposed to a difference in opinion.

The Southern gentleman in this video, who is indeed a self-described Southern gentleman, defends his people against these stereotypes in a very outspoken manner. He responds to these classic criticisms in a very deadpan way, but the message is more or less the same. He manages to concisely object to a lot in only a couple minutes. Many people on Facebook will find this video refreshing, especially if they are from the South or if they have friends or family from the South.

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