Rat In New York Takes Pizza Home in The Subway!


Who doesn’t like a delicious slice of pizza with all their favourite pizza toppings on it? Pizzas are one of the tastiest and nutritious meals you’d find today, and most of us love it. Most of us order is at least once a week.

Turns out, you aren’t the only one who loves pizzas. What if you found out that your City Rat just found his favourite pizza and is hell bound on taking it home? Check out this smart New York City Rat who is trying to take a pizza slice down the subway stairs with full dedication and plans to stop at nothing till he achieves his goal. As the rat takes one step at a time towards his home with the pizza slice in his mouth, you realize how dedicated he is to this job.

So the next time you plan to order a pizza for yourself, do think about this video and save a slice for this City Rat whose favourite food is definitely pizzas! Please SHARE on Facebook if you enjoyed watching this video.

Matt Little

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