Richard Jones Mesmerizes the Judges of Britain’s Got Talent With His Magical Ability


Whether it is truly the power of magic or simply a trick of the eye, Richard Jones has a level of talent you will not believe! This video showcases his audition for week 2 of Britain’s Got Talent. We all know Simon isn’t much for magical acts and you can actually see him cringe as Richard comes down to perform his act. But, when the act unfolds, Simon is actually smiling!

This is a magic act like you have never seen before! The way he reads the minds of the judges will blow you away! Even Simon is mesmerized from the moment Richard reveals his act. This type of talent takes true dedication and years of study. Could it be this man has true magical power? As you watch this video, pay special attention to each step he carries out in his show. Can you figure out his secret? After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook to amaze your friends and family!

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