Salmon Burgers Are Great On A Bun Or With Yogurt Herb Sauce


As always, Laura in the Kitchen, provides viewers with the opportunity to learn easy recipes that are full of flavor. When you see this video, you will quickly learn just why Laura says these are one of her favorites. When you purchase a delicious and fresh salmon, it does not need a lot of spices added because they will detract from its flavor. The simple ingredients in this recipe allow the flavor of the fresh salmon to shine through. When you see the plated recipe, you will start drooling!

As Laura says in the video, these salmon burgers can be cooked in a skillet, on a grill pan, or on an outdoor grill. No matter how you cook them, they will be delicious! Laura likes to either serve them on a bun with her yogurt sauce or on their own with a mix of greens. If you plan on making this delicious recipe, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Laura in the Kitchen

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