Southern Raised Beautifully Performans “Beulah Land” on The Gospel Music Showcase


The Gospel Music Showcase is a gospel show that brings in new talented artists to perform beloved gospel hymns. This video offers the performance of Southern Raised, a group of young siblings who performs so beautifully together, you will be deeply touched! “Beulah Land” is an old song written by Edgar Page Stites in 1875. This beautiful song is still being enjoyed today and speaks of that land all of God’s people look forward to going to!

This gospel quartet is full of talent and is able to play a variety of stringed instruments. The three sisters and one brother blend their vocals so flawlessly and their instrument playing is astounding! They have given this old classic new life by adding their own unique spin on its melody. What a comforting video to listen to! It will relax your mind, soul, and body. If you love the way these siblings sound together, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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