This Sweet Horse Makes the Perfect Babysitter for This Little One


Animals have much more human-like emotions than they are given credit for! When you watch this video, you will be able to witness the amazing interaction between a horse and a small baby in her carrier. As the baby makes a fuss, the gentle horse reaches down and rocks her carrier so she immediately calms down. Each time the baby begins to fuss because her carrier has stopped rocking, the horse obliges and gently gives her a nudge so she can feel content.

This amazing video will have you spellbound from the moment you begin watching. It seems like this horse is truly ready to perform its babysitting duties without complaint! If you love babies and horses, this is your opportunity to see the two interact in the cutest way imaginable. This little one surely has a great protector that will one day likely be her best friend! If this video made you smile, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can.

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