A Teenage Boy Who Carried a Student To The School Nurse During Her Asthma Attack is Suspended


Some schools are going to be stricter about the enforcement of rules than others. The school portrayed in this video seems to be one of the schools that is not really interested in gray areas or compromises. The teenage boy in this video was there when a student was having a terrible asthma attack. Rather than wait for the school nurse, he actually carried the student there himself. He was subsequently suspended for what many people would consider to be an act of heroism.

The exact reason for the suspension is somewhat unclear, but it seems like it might simply be because the student in question walked out of class without any permission, and it might not be any more complicated than that. This is an alternative school with a zero tolerance disciplinary policy. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it raises interesting political issues and will get people talking.


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