Ten-Year-Old Special Needs Child Was Doused In Gas And Lit On Fire!


This video is heart-wrenching to watch because it features the story of a ten-year-old special needs child who was attacked by neighborhood children. One boy doused him with gasoline while another lit a match and the poor boy went up in flames. He was burned over 20% of his body and is fighting for his life in a hospital. While many are reporting this happened by accident, his Mom says it was an intentional act and she wants those responsible to be charged.

Can you imagine what this little boy is going through? The tiniest of burns can cause so much pain so it would be unbearable to have much of your body burned. He is fighting infections and dealing with tremendous suffering as he tries to heal. This video needs to be spread so people can realize the dangers of bullying. After you have watched this little boy’s story, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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