These Thanksgiving Stuffed Shells Are The Perfect Way To Use Up Turkey Leftovers


By the time Thanksgiving is over, there is often a lot of turkey left behind and it can be difficult deciding what to make with it. This video will teach you an exciting new way to enjoy that leftover turkey so it gets eaten instead of wasted. This delightful recipe is going to make your mouth water and have you wanting to dig right in!

These shells are stuffed with chopped turkey, cheeses, and delicious flavor. They are then topped with traditional turkey gravy and cheese and baked in the oven until the cheese has melted into pools of deliciousness. If you are tired of eating holiday leftovers, make sure you watch this video so you can learn this easy recipe that is sure to delight your family. This can even be made the night before and popped in the oven the next day. Check it out and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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