Toddler Dresses As Soldier Dad For Halloween And Gets Shocking Surprise!


The little boy in this video was missing his dad so much, he decided to dress up like him for Halloween. His dad had been away for months in the military and he missed him so much. At his special Halloween event, the little boy was all decked out in military fatigues. Little did he know, a big surprise was waiting for him and it would be one he would never forget!

When the little boy saw his daddy, the big smile on his face made his Halloween costume even cuter! The picture of him being held by his daddy is absolutely priceless and will make you smile. This little guy got something much better than tricks or treats for Halloween- he got his daddy back! What a wonderful story this turned out to be, so make sure to watch the entire video. After enjoying, Please SHARE on Facebook for all to enjoy.

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