An Unconventionally Altruistic Police Pursuit


The Information Age is potentially going to cause some humorous misunderstandings, it seems. When people got video recordings of a police officer seemingly following an elderly woman on a scooter, they were under the impression that a frighteningly strict chase was going on, and the elderly woman on the scooter was about to be arrested.

In fact, she had actually lost her way, and the concerned officer was trying to make sure that she was able to return home safely. She did, in fact, manage to return home. This video may have helped clear up the misconceptions that people might have initially had about the situation. It is always great to see misunderstandings involving the police turn out to be positive. This video helps illustrate a very interesting story, which draws on themes that involve jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. People on Facebook would probably find this video both entertaining and thought-provoking.

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