Dolls Cause Woman To Be Visited By The Police

When two women started their business making lifelike dolls, they had no idea it would end up causing them to be visited by the police. When someone visited their Facebook page and thought real babies were being sold, she called the police. The police could not believe their eyes when they were shown the dolls that looked so lifelike it was spooky! This video has caused their business to be booming all over the world!


The police had to stop for a photo with the woman because they were so impressed by her doll-making skills. In a way, this police visit should have been a compliment for the woman’s artistry because she was able to fool someone into thinking these were real babies. Since the photo went viral, the business has been getting calls from all over the world, wanting these babies. When you see them, you will not be able to believe your eyes! Check them out and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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