Watch This Adorable Classic Shirley Temple Performance of Early Bird


Shirley Temple is an icon that has stood the test of time and has had generations of fans. As you enjoy this video, you will see this little cutie performing a classic song called, Early Bird where she rises from her comfortable bed and begins to perform the chores she needs to do so her day can begin. This adorable video will take you back to simpler times when life was much less complicated! Back then, it was all about roses, sunshine, and smiles.

As you watch Shirley’s performance in this video, you will want to squeeze her little chubby cheeks or fluff her cute ringlets. This beautiful keepsake will be a performance you will treasure if you are a true Shirley Temple fan. Why not introduce this classic to the younger generations so they can enjoy it too! After you have sung along, Please SHARE on Facebook so people all around the world can enjoy the magic!

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