Watch as Candice Cameron Bure’s Daughter Surprises Her By Taking the Stage to Sing on Her Birthday


When it comes to celebrating Candice Cameron Bure’s fortieth birthday, The View knows just how to make it a truly surprise celebration. In this video, for King and Country takes the stage singing one of their biggest hits and Candice is not prepared for what awaits her in the performance. In this video, you will be able to witness a performance like no other as a special guest comes on the stage to surprise her Mom for a special birthday present.

The View wanted to celebrate Candice’s birthday and they did it in style! The look of shock that came over her face when her daughter was announced will make you smile. As the tears begin to pour down her face, you will be moved to tears as well! This beautifully inspirational performance was made even more meaningful by the special mother/daughter moment. You will love this touching video and its deep meaning. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy this moment too!

The View

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