Watch These Peeps Candies Get Taken to a Delicious New Level


Who doesn’t love Peeps? The adorable little bunny and chick shaped marshmallows make an appearance each spring sporting bright, cheerful colors and tempting sugar lovers with their squishy goodness. Peeps on their own taste good, but one baker found a way to take them over the top by combining them with another favorite treat: cookie bars. The resulting dessert is something you have to see, but be warned, you’re probably going to want a snack after watching this video.

Elise Strachan, from the popular site My Cupcake Addiction, took a visit to the PopSugar kitchen to make an outrageous Peeps cookie bar that looks beyond cute. She demonstrated an easy recipe that makes use of yellow cake mix, sprinkles, chocolate, and plenty of colorful peeps candies. The rainbow colored confection looks almost too adorable to eat, but the two bakers couldn’t resist giving them a try. SHARE this video on Facebook if you have a sweet tooth or want to show your friends yummy recipes.


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