Watermelon And Corn Salsa Makes A Sweet And Spicy Dip For Chips


This unique recipe will tantalize your taste buds and have you wanting to make it. This is the perfect salsa for hot summer nights when you are hungry but don’t want to heat up the kitchen. The recipe combines the traditional notes of a tomato-based salsa but adds a sweet element with corn and chunks of watermelon. When you see how easy it is to create this delicious salsa recipe, you will want to make sure you watch to the end of the video so you can make it yourself.

If you are tired of boring salsas that do nothing for your pallet, make sure you watch this video for a fruity alternative. Although this flavor combination might seem a little odd, you will be amazed at how well these ingredients combine to create a truly delicious salsa dip for tortilla chips or tacos. If you drooled while watching this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.


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