Woman Makes Dolls That Look So Real You Won’t Be Able to Believe Your Eyes!


When you see this video segment from The Doctors, you may be surprised to learn the subject of their discussion. On the show, they have a guest who makes a living creating beautiful doll creations that look so realistic people often mistake them for a real newborn. When you see these beautiful dolls, you will be amazed at the artistic craftsmanship that goes into each creation. These are so realistic, you will expect them to begin to cry at any minute!

Although this woman’s livelihood is creating these beautiful babies, the doctors warned they could become an unhealthy obsession. Because they are so realistic, people sometimes become obsessed with them and actually begin to think of them as being real instead of a doll. The counselor in this video warns the hobby is fine as long as a person always realizes the baby is a doll. If you think these babies look extremely lifelike, Please SHARE on Facebook.

The Doctors

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