Young Palestinian Girl Fearlessly Performs Impromptu Dance to Street Performer’s Music


Rima Baransi is a young and beautiful Palestinian girl who was visiting Italy. When she and her Father stopped to watch a street performer play his violin, the Father began to urge his daughter to begin dancing. Soon, she begins to move to the music and the result is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen! With the exquisite music as the background and the fluid movements of the dance, you will not be able to turn your eyes away!

This video shows Rima is clearly very grounded in her dancing ability. She feels the music so deeply, she is able to create a dance on the spur of the moment and it looks as if she has been dancing to the beat her entire life. In a world of chaos, this is the kind of moment we need more of! If you think this video is one of the most beautiful dances you have ever seen, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see!

Assad Baransi

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