Romanian Cancer Victims are the Catalyst That Caused a Hairstyle Revolution

This video showcases a growing trend in Romania where women are helping other women by having their hair cut in a unique style. This haircut movement is called Brave Cut and allows women to become part of a celebrated fashion trend which helps cancer victims receive the human hair wigs they need to feel more confident about themselves through their chemo treatments.


Unfortunately, 1 in 6 Romanian women is diagnosed with cancer. Wigs in this country are extremely expensive and the vast majority of women simply cannot afford them. That is until a master stylist rose to the challenge and started a haircut revolution that changed the lives of women who are suffering from loss of hair due to chemo treatments for cancer. Some salons are even offering free haircuts for women who pledge to donate their locks. If you believe this is an amazing movement, Please SHARE on Facebook to raise awareness for these cancer warriors.


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